Stop, then start…my Javalutions

Resolutions. Solutions. Plans?

I have none. I just have thoughts in my head that incessantly tell me to do this and that and stop doing this and that.

It’s simple really. All I need to do is

stop procrastinating


start focusing

Can I do it?

Can YOU do it?

Let’s do it together, shall we?

Happy 2010. Let the journey begin.


5 thoughts on “Stop, then start…my Javalutions

  1. I was semi-focussed this evening, getting at least 5 solid trackbacks or hyperlinks to my properties… and I munched ONLY on two manderines (and I am hankering for something sweet, but I will not go to the basement to raid the cookies… I will be a good little girl and go brush my teeth and pester someone for some fun).

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I ate like a pig all day. Snack on this, snack on that. While cleaning up all the sweets, and taking down the tree. Cleaning up post-Xmas is so boring and so necessary, I needed to have something fun to do! That’s my excuse.

    And now I’m drinking a well-deserved glass of wine.

    It’s not wine I need to quit, it’s the sweeties!

    Quitting wine is what Wineless Wednesdays are for. (!)

  3. Oh, I just read *somewhere* that you do not need to set a specific time or date to start a new habit (so why wait until wineless Wednesday? 😉 )…

    All is well provided we have a plan and work towards our goals.

    Hope your Sunday clears up soon,


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