Then power of NOW

I often spend my time asking why now. What is it that is so special about now? Why NOT now? Is NOW really as good a time as any?

Now. Yes. It IS as good a time as any.

This is a statement that rings true to several current themes in my life. For instance, why should NOW not be the perfect time to stop eating refined sugar cookies or chocolate or any other leftover sweets from Christmas? Why should anyone wait for a special date (January 1st) or a specific day (first Monday of the new year, first Monday of a new semester, first Monday right after this one) to start something new?

Eating better, and walking more, are perfectly good resolutions to start at the beginning of a new year, or a new week, or even a new day. Any day. Pick a day and say to yourself “self, NOW is as good a time as any to start a sugar free day”. Maybe it’s psychological, the idea behind starting something at a beginning of something. And if it helps you to see it through, why not start at the beginning of something.

Doesn’t sound hard, does it.

So with this new focus in mind I thought that yesterday was a perfectly good day to take all the bedding off all the beds and wash it. While simultaneously taking down the Christmas tree and cooking soup and vacuuming and putting away lego. Why not now? This might even kill two birds with one stone as it keeps me moving. Take down some ornaments, place them in a bin, take bin down to basement, while in basement throw in a wash…

Anyway, I washed all the bedding. Fast forward to 2 am. A little boy is standing next to me spewing wet stuff all over my bed (and me)…I get up, step in wet stuff, take him to the toilet, tell him to keep his head over it, and walk over to his room. I have no glasses on and his sheets have pictures of snowmen and reindeer all over so it’s kind of difficult to see where the puke is located. Oops, stepped in some…oh no, that wasn’t a reindeer I touched…

Luckily he got most of it out in one little location at the side of his bed and not over his stuffed toys or pillow. But there was enough there to have to strip the bed and get a new blanket out.

The damage in my bed isn’t as bad. I managed to get the little pile at the side of the bed and nowhere near my pillows cleaned up, but I think I’ll leave the sheets until tomorrow to wash.

So now, instead of enjoying my clean, warm bed I’m sitting on the couch. The boy is back in his bed, with new sheets, and a new blanket, but my bed has a wet spot. And I don’t feel like commencing the laundry all over again.

Even though now is as good a time as any.

Edited to add: NOW is the PERFECT time to do laundry. Since he puked again all over his fresh sheets…and then again.

Edited to add: Of course the toddler managed to spew her stuff all over MY bed too. Not at the same time of course, but later, when I was finally able to have some shuteye…and she had bigger volume. How utterly nice for me.

3 thoughts on “Then power of NOW

  1. Murphy’s Law. That’s why.

    And I washed some of the sheets TWICE before the day was out…but I think we’re over it now.


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