Those of us who consider ourselves avid gardeners, we tend to do this crazy thing come January. Instead of just taking down and stashing away the Christmas decorations, and enjoying the newly-found space, we replace them with something else.

Gardening stuff.

For me, this means seeds. I’ve been meaning to sort through my many packages of seeds I’ve been hording, some of which are so old the price tags indicate 49 cents.

Anyway. While occupying the particularly trying toddler with the old seed packs, I came across some sprouting seeds. Mung beans, Broccoli seeds and Alfalfa seeds. And since it’s in the middle of winter and there is hardly an edible plant to be seen anywhere, I showed Sonja how to pour the sprouting seeds into mason jars and cover them with cheesecloth.

She was so happy! Now she’s helping me every day with the rinsing of the jars, and both kids are very interested in watching those seeds split and grow.

Wonder if they’ll eat the sprouts when they’re ready? Stay tuned and find out.


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