It seems my toddler is transitioning from napping at least two full hours each day to just slightly over one hour most days.

She’s not even 2 and a half yet!

I am not ready.


One thought on “Transition…

  1. Rejoice in that! Veronica seldom napped – ever – and although it is hard on mom it is a sign of an active, interested mind in your child.

    The best thing I ever did (and I didn’t do it because I knew it was the smart thing to do, it was just a fluke) was get her excited about reading. By the time she headed off to Junior Kindergarten she could read simple books to her class.

    The best thing about getting them excited about reading is that in time they will curl up with a book on their own and give you a break – the break that other moms get when their young children nap.

    I know it’s hard. I was a single mom for the first 9 years and home schooled her from grades 2-6 but you’ll get through having no time for yourself and build a bond that only the story books seem to match.


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