What’s to eat in January? Part 2

There isn’t much exciting fresh food to eat around here in January. Most of the produce is imported from faraway lands and by the time it sits on grocery store shelves here, it looks less appetizing to me than I thought it would.

I miss fresh. I miss colour. I miss greens that aren’t injected with stuff to make them look good (and taste less so).

But we still have to eat. So I grab things that many ancestors of ours have grabbed before the world invented tomatos from Spain and peppers from Mexico, and I make meals with local cabbages. And beets. Or squashes (although, come to think of it, many stores are importing those root vegetables from places like Argentina. Why is that so? I grew squash right here in my very own front yard…? Where are the local root vegetables? In Argentina?).

So here is what I made last week. Cabbage and carrot slaw with orange dressing.

And also some of this. Orange poppyseed cake with orange marmelade.

Even though the oranges are also imported from places like Florida, it does add that splash of colour and that citrus-y taste that comes with living in a cold, wintery country.

And the best part? Both kids liked it!


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