Home-made cards for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is [insert politically correct word] to me.

Not really. I think it’s kind of [insert mildly insulting term] to me. And not because I don’t believe in romance and flowers and chocolates and love and happiness and relationships and all that.

It’s the commercial aspect of it that gets to me.

I won’t go on about it again since I’ve done it here and here before, but I will say this:

We are celebrating Valentine’s day at the kids’ respective schools. Even though the notes and newsletters indicate that “card exchanges are optional”.

Look. I don’t want to be a party pooper. But I also don’t want to conform just because everyone else is going a little crazy for Valentine’s day.

But the reality is that the kids like the card exchange. And the parties and heart-shaped cookies and chocolate and candies.

And the almost 5 year old said to me that he and his friend already talked about giving each other cards. I mean…what can I say to that?

So, after inspecting the Nickelodeon and Disney propoganda-type Valentine’s day cards at Walmart and [insert all North American stores currently in existence], I thought we could make our own cards again this year.

Potato stamps are easy, fun, and kids of all ages like the messiness it comes with. Parents, just bite the bullet here and let them do this. Nothing says “happy [insert any random commercialized holiday]” than a home-made card or gift. All you need is:

aluminum pie plates or foil
washable paint
unruled index cards or paper

This is my first born when he was around 2 years old, making his own cards.

This is him today at almost 5, doing it again.

Easy. Right?



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