Birthday party loot bags

So the almost 5 year old will get his very first organized birthday party. He is beyond excited!

We’re waiting for some RSVPs to finalize some numbers, and at present it looks like it’s going to be a rather intimate gathering. Which is ok. I’ve witnessed a similar sports-themed birthday party before where the kids were spending quite a bit of time lining up to take turns at certain events…in our case, if there are fewer children, there maybe be MORE running and LESS standing in line. Which I’m sure the kids won’t mind!

The big preoccupation for me has been what to do for loot bags. I have a similar view point as this person, so I racked my brain trying to think of something non-dollar-store related that I could provide in the loot bags that will (hopefully) please both the kids and the parents. I mean, who needs more crap in their home? Not me, that’s who. So why should I give crap to others?

Since we’re doing a sports-related theme, I thought we could remain within that theme and provide something useful and fun. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that Old Navy has these fun water bottles, with spouts, on sale for as little as $5 each! The grey ones were even more of a bargain, at $2.99 each.

How cool are these? With the Winter Olympics in Canada just having finished, these bottles seem more than just a little appropriate.

So I’ll stick these in the loot bags, and add some lollipops or something. Maybe a dinky car for the boys, and some hair thingies for the girls. We’ll see.

And the saga party planning continues…

2 thoughts on “Birthday party loot bags

  1. I love these, I’m a little jealous. I think like you and considered the signature olympic mitts. But the bottle will be useful right through summer. Way to go!

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