A sign of things to come?

In today’s weekly newsletter issued by Benjamin’s Kindergarten teacher, there is a little remark about March Break, which is coming up next week.

The remark suggests that the children draw a picture, and if they can, write one sentence about something they did during their week off from school.

I read this to Benjamin at lunch. I said: “How exciting, you get to draw a picture of something you did during March Break and share it with your friends at school. You love to draw pictures!”

His response, to my surprise, was lackluster.

“That’s going to be VERY hard”, he said.


“I don’t know what to draw”, he continued.

I said that chances are pretty good that we’ll drive someplace at least some of the time during March Break. For one thing, we’re driving to a church to have his birthday party in their basement on Saturday. I’m pretty sure at one point during the rest of the week we’ll drive to suburbia to visit his grandparents, possibly for a sleepover. Since he knows how to draw cars, there is no excuse that his homework assignment is “too hard”. He could draw a car, with a smiley face in it indicating himself, and then write the word “nonno” (what he calls his grandfather, showing how he went to visit him and his grandmother). Or he could draw a car with a smiley face in it indicating himself going to his birthday party and then write his name and the number 5 next to it, showing that he had a party on his 5th birthday…

The possibilities are endless.

His less than enthusiastic response to the ideas however makes me wonder if this is a sign of things to come in the homework department…

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