Sleeping with siblings

Last night my 2 1/2 year old insisted on sleeping with her 5 year old brother. She got as far as trying to pull her bed out of her room and into his room…well….she managed to move it about half a meter. Then she got mad at me for not wanting to move furniture around at 8 o’clock at night.

How many times did I re-arrange Ben’s room in the past half year to accommodate her toddler bed? How many times did I move his lego away, move the dresser here, his shelf there, toys someplace else, to accommodate her bed? Countless times, that’s how many.

She’d be all happy and all excited to “sleep with Ben”. Until bedtime. At which point we would have to move it all back again.

So last night we promised to move her bed back to Ben’s room tomorrow. Tomorrow is today.

Wanna bet this toddler has new and revised opinions about this today?

Wanna bet this toddler has new and revised opinions about this AFTER I move the room around?

Maybe I’ll just hope for the best that she forgot her request so that I won’t be called a liar in her little overactive brain when I conveniently forget to move the furniture around.

I mean, I got LISTS of things to do today. Moving the kids’ room around wasn’t on the list.


6 thoughts on “Sleeping with siblings

  1. lets just hope that she get’s busy and forgets what her mother said and promised to do or else you are in for quite a predicament and a stressful one I might say. At least as early as now you can see your child’s

  2. 🙂 🙂 same to us here 🙂
    Und mitten in der Nacht fällt Kind3 ein, dass es überhaupt nicht schlafen kann, weil das Bett nicht so steht wie es immer steht. Man kann jetzt wählen: erträgt man das Quengeln am Abend und setzt sich damit durch das Bett NICHT zu verschieben. Oder erträgt man das Quengeln mitten in der Nacht. Ich drücke Dir die Daumen!!

  3. Brandy, you are right. That little girl can have quite the attitude! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she will forget and move on to something more pressing…whatever that will be. LOL!

  4. This is one issue that we never really had (or I have reached the age of selective memory…).

    Hope madame is a whirlwind of business and completely forgot her wish…

    On that note, my three year old demands to be taken to school EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (NO, she does not want to go to kindergarten, she is ready for school.)

    I say, well, let us take your brother to kindergarten first… and by the time we get there, she is delighted to see everyone and forgets (I think) that she wanted to go to school.

    This still continues (now over 3 months), but after the initial 2 weeks had passed, she looked me square in the eyes and said: you say you will take me to school but you do not.


    The young ones sometimes DO know all about what is going on…

    • Trust me that little Sonja doesn’t forget stuff…although it appears she has “pushed” the thought of moving beds aside for the moment. Too busy being a cranky toddler!

      I remember one time when I bought ice cream and told both kids that they can get some after naptime. Well guess what happened the moment she opened her eyes several hours later…seconds after naptime! And we rarely have ice cream in the house!

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