Bed time routines for toddlers

I don’t know if I should kick myself in the butt, but for a while there, a few weeks back, Sonja was the most annoying toddler on the block.

There, I’ve said it.

She had attitude, was cranky, mean, obnoxious, opinionated, you name it, she was it. Wonder if this is preparing me for the lovely tween-years off in the distant future…

Anyway, looking back, and realizing just how many of her clothes don’t seem to fit her anymore, I’m thinking she may have had an extra-big growth spurt. Or something. And frankly, knowing now that this may have contributed to her discomfort and behaviour, I wonder if I could have handled the entire situation a little bit better.

Which brings me back to my own butt-kicking.

While I was looking for something in the basement/playroom area, I came across a basket full of stuffed toys the kids don’t really play with. So I purged a bit, and found this one bunny my grandmother sent Benjamin when he was a toddler. This bunny is extra special, because it has a pocket into which you can put a small hot-water-bottle.

I thought to myself that maybe a warm bunny would help calm this whiny tot and give her something soothing to snuggle up to when she’s clearly tired but up for a struggle at bedtime (she’s always up for a struggle, this one).


Instead of making bed time easier for us, the warm bunny has made it take longer. Because oh my god if that bunny isn’t warm when the little chickie heads to bed…the whining, the complaining, the arguing, the negotiating….

Despite attempts to reassure her that we WILL warm up the bunny she still has to hear herself complain. Or something.

But the warm bunny is now here to stay. For the foreseeable future. Even though it adds minutes to the already lengthy bed time routine.


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