Versatile chicken

I made up this recipe the other day without intention. The entire thing just kind of evolved by itself.

You need:

  • Boneless, skinless chicken thighs (supermarket chicken won’t impart the same flavour, so if you can, choose your chicken from a butcher or a Whole Food store)
  • A bottle of PC Memories of Tuscany balsamic vinegar and fig sauce
  • Crockpot (slowcooker)


  • Place the chicken in a dish and pour over some of the sauce. Amount depends on how many people you want to feed. I used 6 medium-sized pieces of chicken, and half the bottle of sauce.
  • Cover and marinate overnight.
  • Season with sea salt and pepper, then pour contents of dish into a crockpot and turn on low.
  • Cook until chicken is done (this depends on the efficiency of the crockpot, and whether or not the chicken is fully defrosted. For me it was fully cooked on low in my very efficient crockpot in about 5 hours.)

This chicken is so tasty and juicy, I immediately made a salad-type lunch* dish out of it (see picture above).

I plan on using this chicken tonight with egg noodles, and a green salad, for supper.

*To imitate this salad, you need:

  • arugula or mesclun lettuce mix
  • one or two pieces of the cooked chicken
  • cocktail tomatos, quartered
  • feta cheese, crumbled
  • pieces of avocado, sprinkled with lime juice (optional, or use mandarin oranges)
  • a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

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