Funky April weather

Now that Easter is done, we have to commence eating the chocolate.

This is just SOME of the loot the kids got.

But in these parts of Canada, spring has sprung. Kind of unusual, and rather early, since often in early April we are still shoveling snow. Or are, at the very least, wearing fleece jackets.

Javadad has a niece whose birthday is in the middle of April. There are pictures of her throughout her childhood where she alternately wears either shorts and sandals one year, or snowsuits and hats the next.

But we are not complaining about all this lovely nice weather. Mostly because the just-turned 5 year old boy has learned to ride his bike without  training wheels!

He wants to go for bike rides endlessly. Which is just as well. Riding my bike with the trailer attached is one way of burning off the chocolate!


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