It’s FRIDAY! or TGIFalreadysheeshabouttime


After a weekend and week of not really having a routine, Friday is truly a tedious day to get through. Even though the weekend was fantastic and great and warm and sunny and the week was mostly good and productive and finally almost finished.

But this Friday morning, I just knew it was going to be one of those TGIF days. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make it to Miller-time (aka wine-time) today, and at the time I was thinking that thought it was barely 10 am.

First, I woke up with two children in my bed. Which is lovely and warm and sweet and comfy…until they wake up. And start bouncing and yelling and giggling and not making me coffee.

I don’t particularly like getting crawled over either.

Then, I realized it was cold outside. Cold enough that there was a short but frantic search for winter jackets. Jackets I had washed and planned on packing away.

Next, Javadad was mad at me for having forgotten to take the leftover potatoes out of the oven and putting them in the fridge so he could have some for his lunch today at work. Funny thing is, he was the one who cleaned up the kitchen last night and put the food that was left on top of the stove away. Yet somehow the potatoes were my fault.

Then, the toddler girl was full of beans. Not sure exactly where this expression came from but in our house it means that one is particularly active and not unlike a whirlwind.

I had to get her out of the house. So I took her to Walmart. And to Canadian Tire. And to the library for Family Time with songs and dance and rhymes and giggles. And then to school to pick up her brother where they ran loose and played in the playground.

My house is a disaster. I desperately needed coffee.

But now…I have a lovely cup of tea beside me while I reflect upon my week. Really, it hasn’t been so bad, just more busy than usual. And if that child will nap today, as in RIGHT NOW (please, just close your eyes and go to sleep already!), I might be able to actually get something accomplished instead of whiling away with the internet here. Especially since Ben is at a playdate for the afternoon.



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