Flying coffee leads to purging

This morning I woke up with a single thought on my mind.

The very thought I thought of last night prior to going to bed and continued thinking the entire night while I was sleeping.

It wasn’t a complicated thought. And I didn’t even need a list to remind me of that thought, since I am reminded of it several times a day throughout each day.

That thought was to become reality today. It was to evolve into an activity with a beginning and an end-result that would please me for several weeks days hours everytime I would look at the fruits of my labour, so to speak.

This sought-after result would be something I would relish, enjoy and appreciate after the weeks of irritation and annoyance I have experienced to date.

All I wanted to accomplish today was to organize the kids’ clothes. I just wanted two orderly closets and one neatly organized dresser filled only with items that

  • fit each child, and
  • was seasonally appropriate


Really, I thought it was doable. I had 2 hours, possibly almost 3 hours, to accomplish this task since I started yesterday by pre-sorting the basement bins and dragging them (um, have them dragged) upstairs onto the sunshine-flooded porch in the back.

I just needed to empty out the winter stuff of the upstairs closets and dresser and replace those items with the stuff in the pre-sorted bin.

I figured I would have enough time to do this AFTER I colour my hair and have breakfast/coffee/do email for half an hour.


I did get my hair done.

I also ate breakfast.

I even typed a couple of emails.

But then hubby decided to finally get his slow leak fixed and left. Oh, and could I pick up the kids since he may have to wait a while (Monday is his day off and he usually picks up Benjamin).

Ok fine…my almost 3 hours has just been reduced to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Still, plenty of time to organize the kids’ closets and dresser.


I started to sip a second cup of coffee while contemplating this and that and somehow managed to drop my cup. It flipped itself around in mid-air. It crashed on the floor, rolled around a bit, and came to an abrupt stop.


I sat there stunned. When I came out of my trance I saw coffee in the most finicky, narrow corner next to a two-door, short Billy bookshelf.

Coffee dribbled along the wall, behind the shelf, and pooled underneath the chair I was sitting on.


So I got up and got paper towels and a J-cloth and started wiping. Moved the shelf a little so I could get to the bottom of it and realized that there were now coffee-stained dust-bunnies underneath the shelf the size of golf balls.


Got the vacuum cleaner, started vacuuming up the bunnies, and realized that I needed to move the shelf some more.

It tipped slightly and of course the contents went flying onto the floor.


Actually, my reaction was more like WTF.

Fast forward to now. It’s 3:30 pm and although the kids’ closet and dresser are mostly organized as I had envisioned it, the middle of their room, and the one bed, is piled with crap I came across while reorganizing that room.

Because what happened while I was cleaning up the coffee-shelf with the spilled contents, I came up with the bright idea that THAT shelf would look better on the opposite wall, which required the shelf that was on the opposite wall to be moved to the kids’ room. In order for that shelf to fit into the kids’ room I had to relocate other crap in that room to a different wall…

To make a long story shortER, this is what I am currently avoiding by playing with the internet:

  • Kids’ room has crap piled in the middle of the room that needs a new home (basement? outside? garage? Goodwill?)
  • Boy’s bed has empty Lego boxes he won’t give up.
  • Boy’s bed has too many stuffed animals sitting on it.
  • Boy’s bed has two boxes of nicknack types of toys with missing pieces in it (Kinder-egg toys, odd pieces of plastic, hammer-less baby toy, teething rings, books belonging to a series, etc)
  • In the livingroom/hallway area, directly in front of the wardrobe is a pile of crap (masking tape, painter’s tape, kleenex box, mirror for bike, piano books, plastic baskets, etc) which needs to be dealt with.
  • The livingroom is filled with other crap, along with a basket full of books (baby books, Christmas books, puzzle books), a full laundry basket containing clean underwear and other whites, an outdoor bow-and-arrow type toy, shoes, paper towel roll, swiffer, mittens, empty yoghurt container…
  • Kitchen…full of two bins and a box of winter clothes that will most likely fit one or both kids again next year that need to be washed and put in a bin and relocated into the basement.
  • Pile of dirty laundry.
  • And other crap

The end.

One thought on “Flying coffee leads to purging

  1. LOL – been there, done that, got the frequent flyer miles…..
    Just wanted to let you know what you could do with that nicknack crap (broken, missing pieces, Kinder Suprises, etc.) that drives every parent crazy (well, the A-type ones that always want things organized!! hehehe). Get a cheap wood picture frame (small, medium, large or multiple frames, depending on the amount of crap) and hot glue those suckers close together all around the outside of the frame, like a mosaic. You can put Ben’s crap on a frame(s) for his pic and Sonja’s on a frame(s) for hers. They’ll be happy because you’re not throwing it are recycling it! Then, of course, put their pics in the frames! Hey…you might even have enough crap to make Christmas presents of the frames/pics for family and friends! And guaranteed – you’ll have enough crap like this accumulate over the years that you will be able to create a unique timeline/picture gallery for all eternity!!! I sound tongue in cheek – but actually, these frames look really neat when they’re done and will bring back memories when your little guys are grown. (ok, so you DON”T have to hang them on the wall – but put ’em in a box to store in the back of a closet for you to find when you find yourself in organizing mode years from now – you’ll be glad you did!)

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