Kids like wormy compost

We recently started to prepare our front yard garden again. My neighbour transformed her front yard into an edible garden last year and between her and I we are constantly gushing at various items poking up out of the sun-warmed soil! She’s got asparagus coming up! I got spinach, and arugula, ready for harvest!

Very cool.

But the one problem that remained from last year was the soil remains worm-free. This is not a good thing for soil. Worms in soil indicate healthy soil.

We also noticed that our very fresh (not decomposed yet) compost in the front was without worms. This is not a good thing. Where are all those worms we need?

So with the toddler not napping anymore in the afternoons, and the sun beckoning us to do something active outside, I did the only thing I could do:

We went worm collecting.

Where, you might wonder? Right in my back yard compost. That’s where.

The back yard compost is full of healthy, wiggly, bright worms to the delight of our little Sonja Bee. And she was so proud, collecting them with a little sandbox shovel and putting them into her bucket!

So while the toddler collected her worms into the bucket, her big brother dug holes in the front yard and placed some fresh uncomposted compost into them. Food for the worms, he was explaining to me. When Sonja arrived, she dumped the worms into the holes, the kids placed some soil on top, and we gave them a sprinkling of water, for moisture.

No idea if this will do any good for my soil. All I know is once the threat of frost is over in mid May, the tomato plants, rainbow swiss chard, and herbs will go in there no matter what.


3 thoughts on “Kids like wormy compost

  1. Love that you are growing edibles in your front yard and with kids to boot – so lovely to see munchkins out getting grubby and helping to grow food.

    We also grow edibles in our front yard. When we first pulled up the sod we had very few worms as well – I suspect the previous owners probably used chemicals. Best way to encourage worms is to add lots of organic matter by way of plenty of mulch. Just laying a thick bed of chopped leaves over everything in our yard caused a worm explosion! Check out my entry on sheet composting for some tips if you like. Happy gardening!

  2. Or better yet, Stacey, put the link up here publicly so that not only Javamom can have a look!

    I remember learning about worms with my older kids… must make it an effort to allow the younger kids to “discover” worms too. Very useful creatures and opens the door to all sorts of small animals romping about in the garden.

    Javamom: I look forward to seeing what your kids all do in the garden this season!

    Fun Yum!

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