All chocolate has been banned from this house.

The new bike bell and water bottle remain on top of the cupboard until kindomcome as far as I’m concerned.

These children will get back on track with good behaviour or else.

Enough is enough.

The chocolate and special toys will remain out of sight and out of reach.

* * *

I will get them back on track.

They have it in them. And I will help them find the sweet, personable, understanding, respectful and appreciative selves even if it takes me weeks.

Because I KNOW they are able. And capable.

* * *

What happened to my babies?

I lost control and track along the way someplace.

Time to get serious.


2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Sometimes we parent should get more serious when it comes to disciplining our children. Hope everything will be fine.

  2. Hang in there C! It’s just a bad patch. I find bad behaviour to be cyclic. It’s like when they have development bursts they exercise their new found knowledge or skill by testing and pushing the outer limits.

    Thinking of you and sharing your sighs.

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