Urban critters in the garden

We live in a big, metropolitan city close to a huge lake. There are parks with enormous trees nearby. The parks, and beaches along the lake, are full of wildlife.

Urban wildlife.

Almost everyone does some sort of gardening in our neighbourhood, be it flowers, fruits and vegetables, or a mishmash of both. Gardening is a passion for many people, and a lovely hobby to look forward to after a long and dreary winter season.

I for one am such a gardener. And I am one for living harmoniously with everyone around me. I try to be respectful of the neighbours. I try to be respectful of the wildlife.

I try. And I teach the kids to do the same.

But those critters…they don’t like me. They don’t like my garden. They don’t like my privacy or my sense of peace and harmony with the world.

All they like is my decomposing compost.

I keep this little compost bin on my back porch and empty it out periodically into one of the two big compost bins I have in the gardens. Worked fine, till now. Never noticed that they were interested in the plastic container before.

Why now? Why are the raccoons and squirrels coming to destroy the bin now? Why do they have to make a mess on my lawn chair cushions?  WHY?

Not happy.

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