Toilet-training toddlers


Outside in backyard and on driveway where family members and neighbour kids are playing and fixing bikes.

Toilet training toddler walking around in underwear and crocks. Potty nearby.

Mommy periodically reminding toddler to “pull pants down to pee” and “use potty or toilet to pee”.

Toddler busy playing with children. Twice she pees in her pants. Twice we change the pants and she goes back to playing.

Close to supper hour, on the driveway beside the house:

Sonja: “Mommy, I got poops in my pants”.

Me: “Oh no Sonja. Take off the pants and we’ll clean you up.”

Sonja: “Mooooommmmyyyy, I got poooooopppps!”

Me, to DH: “Oh, she’s got diarrhea…”

Sonja: “I got DIARRHEA in my pants!!!!”

Me: “Sonja, when you have to make poops, where do you go?”

Sonja: “NOT in the diaper. ONLY in the toilet so I can say bye-bye poops.”

Me, while cleaning her up on the driveway: “Don’t move, I have to finish cleaning you up.”


Moral of the story?

Kids are loud.

Extended neighbourhood will know about child’s bodily function.


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