Keeping the balance…

… in check.

Really, the fundamentals of parenting is all about flexibility. And change. And adaptability.

So on the one hand, I got a toddler who completely regressed with the toilet training. Sure, at home, she can wear no pants, no underwear, no nothing, and she pees where she’s supposed to.  So finally this morning, I thought “we feel ready to go to school without diapers on”.

Well. She wasn’t ready. But that’s ok. She’s only 2 1/2. So I do a few extra loads of laundry…

On the other hand, I have been trying to encourage the 5 year old to wipe his own butt. I used positive terminology, and suggested that if he wants to go to full-day summer camp at the Sportplay thing he did last year, he will have to figure out a way to handle this little chore.

He refused.

He told my mom even that he will not attempt to even try to wipe until he is at least 6.

Well blah.

Then, suddenly today, he announces, like he usually does, that he has to go to the bathroom and then goes there.

I wait for the call.

There was no call.

I go check on him, anticipating some antic about “I’m not done yet!”, but that doesn’t happen either.

Instead, I get a view of a dirty piece of toilet paper in his hand.


Well halleluja.

We seem to be on our way.


One thought on “Keeping the balance…

  1. Hi my friend! Have been so busy moving lately…I’m just now catching up to my favorite blogs. This is so funny you’d write about bum wiping. My 4 yr old is sort of trying…he uses way too much toilet paper…but he actually does a decent job…at times. I still prefer if he calls me, but lately he’s been purposely not calling me so he can wipe himself. lol.

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