Illegally parked

So our weekend project is still ongoing. Bathroom renovations, even if it’s just simple things like painting, are tedious at best. But that is what happens when you live in a house that has been built in 1948 and has original tile. And the original tub.

We had to scrape the seal off around the tub because there appeared to be some mold back there. Mold has to be chemically treated, and then it has to dry, and then it has to be treated again, and then it has to dry again. Don’t want the mold to come back after we reseal the tub.

Luckily DH is on vacation and has started priming the walls. At least that. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be able to shower again. Because lately, all I have been able to do is use the hose! Which hasn’t been too bad given the heat wave we have been living with in recent weeks. And trust me, we are not complaining! We love this weather! Hot, sunny, and no bugs!

Then this morning, I received a somewhat unpleasant surprise…

Two parking tickets. One on each car.

Why do we get parking tickets when we have a nice long private driveway to park the cars on you ask? Well….because we parked the cars on the road yesterday to allow the children to play on the driveway.

And of course we had some issues with the kids again, which require a lot of energy and attention and patience and understanding and there may have been some yelling or stomping around by certain people in this house so naturally those of us who have drivers licences somehow managed to forget to drive the cars back onto the property due to exhaustion and exasperation and irritation and some parking enforcement guy decided to do his job on our street and gave as some tickets.

Thank you very much.


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