What IKEA doesn’t tell you

IKEA may give you all kinds of neat items with mostly clear instructions and handy little tools to put together furniture, but they are neglectful in mentioning one key thing.

They do not tell you about the mess.

This picture does not do justice of what happened to my living room once I unpacked the new bed and left the kids unattended for under 10 minutes.

There was styrofoam everywhere…tiny bits of snow-like styrofoam all over my recently vacuumed living room.

Why could they not play with the pieces intact?

So I did the only natural thing I could: I made them clean it up and vacuum.

They cried at first, wanted to help assemble the bed. Then they fought over who got to vacuum first. Then they vacuumed up a piece large enough to get stuck in the vacuum pipe…

It is a clear example right here in black and white why every single thing I do every single waking moment of my day takes forever and ever to complete.

Everything is a production.



It never ends.


But at least the girl now has a real bed. After I returned to IKEA with both kids in tow to return the incorrectly-sized slate things that go under the bed mattress.

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