Toy dumping

Question (to no one in general but all parents of boys in particular):

Is dumping toys on a big pile in the middle of a heavily foot-trafficked area in the house a boy thing?

And when I say toys I actually mean toys first, then baskets, small furniture such as chairs, bedding and pillows, and any other conceivable thing they find that they can pick up and carry?

And by baskets, I actually mean the contents of the basket which are dumped on top of the existing pile of stuff.

And by contents I actually mean tiny parts that are hard to re-collect and put back into the basket, such as toy cars, baby toys, tiny books, hair clips and other odds and ends that collect over the years in baskets.

And when I say other conceivable things I mean articles of clothing, shoes, sun hats, umbrellas, even diapers.

And when I say pick up and carry I actually mean dump. And throw.

So. What is that?

I thought it was only my kid that did that.

It appears that other boys similar in age as mine (5) are doing it. Witnessed by me personally at a neighbour’s house just the other day.


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