First day of summer vacation

Oh the ideas, the intent I have on how to keep those kids stimulated, happy, quiet and content….and me sane!

Oh….the dreams! The aspirations!

By 9 am I said “lets go for a bike rid”. Gets them out, gets me back to coffee quickly (half hour of activity for especially the 5yo who is on his own bike, tot is in the bike trailer), and at least they got some energy disbursed.

He wiped out. Twice. Because riding his bike on a non-paved, pebbled road in a park beside the lake, in a straight line at normal speeds is what adults do, not 5 year old boys.

But there were no tears. And he didn’t notice the scrapes and blood until we got home.

It’s 9:55 am…what will the rest of the day look like?

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