Summer days

Since the kids have been out of their regular routine with Kindergarten and Montessori daycare, we have been more lax in our daily activities. Sure, they still want breakfast, and lunch, and snacks, but I’m not looking at the clock when they want to eat. Let them eat when they are hungry! It’s summer! Who cares about meal times!

But routine is just around the corner again. Because camp is starting on Monday, and DH is going back to work on Monday, and I have a list a mile long of things I want to complete in my daily 3ish hours of family-free times…

Today is still the weekend. And weekends in summer means relaxing and having fun. Which we are about to undertake, by visiting some friends with kids the same age as ours.

We’ve also done some of this:

It’s cool to have an uncle with his very own forklift!

And we’ve also done some of this…

So far so good.


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