The dog days of summer

School is out. Traffic is lighter. The sun is relentless. The mercury has reached incredible temperatures. The children are half, or sometimes fully naked, almost all of the time. Routines are lax. Meals are light and often bbq’ed. Drinks are cool (except for the morning coffee, lol!).

These are the dog days of summer here at Javaline.

This key phrase however has me stumped. Because we adults appear to be the only one who aren’t lounging and relaxing, playing and whiling, sleeping and napping all the time. We seem to be on an endless quest to prep, organize and plan the little people’s leisure activities.

I went to Wiki to check the origins of the phrase. Apparently even the Romans and Greeks used this phrase, and one custom was to sacrifice a brown dog to appease the rage of the star Sirius, believed to be responsible for the hot and sultry weather (yikes!).

Hot and sultry weather, marked by a stagnant lack of progress…or something. That is part of the definition…

Here’s what I have to say about THAT:



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