Kid-sized sport equipment for free

Once, while driving someplace around the neighbourhood, I saw that someone tossed a perfectly good toddler bed out with the garbage.

I picked it up, drove it home, sprayed it with the hose, cleaned it up, and spray painted it to give it a new shine.

Free stuff. That is what I like.

Then she outgrew it. So I put it out on my front lawn and before the day was halfway done, it was gone.

Free stuff. People like that.

Yesterday, my mom and I were driving to pick up Sonja at her summer camp. It was garbage pickup day so there was all kinds of distracting stuff lining the street.

But one thing in particular caught our attention…

We managed to take it apart (which was difficult since it’s been sitting out in the hot sun and felt hot to our touch), and place it in the car. It was dirty but in pretty good condition, and just needed a scrubbing.

The kids had great fun cleaning it with the hose and some cloths, and even though the net part of it is ripped, it doesn’t matter. They can still throw balls through the hoop.

Summer at Javaline includes sports activities. This basket ball net is just one more diversion to add to their list of sportcamp, swimming, soccer, riding bikes, and walking.


3 thoughts on “Kid-sized sport equipment for free

  1. Over the years we have collected a lot of kerb-side treasures. In Australia, that Little Tikes basketball hoop sells for $200 in the stores.

    Good catch!

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