Morphing into a drama queen

He picked a yellow flashlight.

She picked a blue one.

In the car on the way home he wants to switch. He likes the blue one better.

I tell her “that’s ok, yellow is better for fire fighters” (a game they play all the time).

Now he wants the yellow one back.

She takes the blue one.

I can hear and feel the air stop circulating. A storm is brewing.

Before she launches into it, since we’re still in the car (again), I say “the blue one is perfect for night time because the light will be even brighter”.

(Whatever. I don’t care. You do and say what you need to do or say in order to prevent a car accident or infanticide.)

For the duration of the 10 minute ride home she screams her head off.



It carries on at home where first she refuses to leave the car, then throws the blue flashlight on the floor, then, after I carry her inside the house, she melts down complete with stomping of the feet and rolling on the floor.

He asks me to open the package.

She takes her blue flashlight and asks me to open her package.

They get their bathing suits on while playing with their flashlights.

And me?

I’m thinking:

It’s Monday morning. Not even lunch time yet. I’m handling this like an old pro.

Then I think:

What time is too early to pour a glass of wine?


How am I going to get through this for an entire week?


When did mom say she was going to take them?

Summer vacation is here. Eight more weeks left before school starts. But…only 13 more days before summer camp starts again!

Aside note: It hasn’t been too bad. The kids have been mostly good. I’m still in learning-phase though when it comes to handling drama from the drama queen…


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