Playing dirty

Benjamin: Moooooommmmyyyyyyyyy, Sonja threw dirt in my EYE!!!
Me: Don’t touch your dirty hands to your eye. Here, use this cloth.
Benjamin: It huuuuuuurts!!
Me: Let me see. Do you want some saline, or drops?
Benjamin: Nooooooo, it’s going to huuuuurt!
Me: Go wash your hands and use the clean cloth to touch your eye. Then come back and I’ll put some saline in your eye to wash the dirt out.

(Need I mention this happened prior to my second cup of coffee?Ā  Na, didn’t think so…)

* Later *

Me: Benjamin, what are you wearing on your face?
Benjamin: Safety glasses!

Later still…

Sonja: Mooommmyyy, I got dirt in my eye too!…

Of course she does.


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