Snow shovels in summer?

It is over 40 degrees Celsius, or 100 degrees Farenheit, in our parts of Canada, and has been for many weeks.

Its hot here.

Canadians love weather. They love to talk about it, to complain about it, to analyze it, to predict it, and then to start all over again when the prediction is off. Or completely wrong.

We Canadians love our weather so much that we keep reminders of other weather, cooler weather, cold and miserable weather, hanging about the side of the house in this 40+ (100+) degree heat.

Yes. This is a snow shovel. My neighbour’s snow shovel. My snow shovels are buried behind the bikes and lawn mower in the shed, probably getting peed on by the raccoons that come hiding in there.

He has his snow shovel sitting there at the side of the house because…well, he doesn’t have a shed. Yet. Or a garage. He’s just moved in a few months ago and he’s had work to do that seemed a little more pressing than putting snow shovels away.

But there it is. A reminder that snow will come again.

At least I hope so. We had absolutely no snow whatsoever last year, with one exception (December 14 I believe it was) and it was the worst winter ever. No snow for Christmas, no snow for sledding, no snow for shoveling and no snow for playing in.

But right now, we’re happy to be in summer, heat and humidity and all. Although a little snow would be very lovely and refreshing right about now…


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