Surprising bliss

When DH announced he was going fishing for 6 days with the guys, I was a little peeved. Where was MY vacation?

We’ve had a great, albeit busy summer. But it was full of kids…kid activities, kid playdates, kid trips. I’ve enjoyed them all, but after 6 weeks of this I was beginning to miss my alone time. A few hours a few times a week to recharge myself was something I was starting to look forward to with the beginning of school looming in early September.

Well, today is the fourth day of DH’s absence, and I’m alive and well. This is partly because of my mom, who took the boy to her house for his beloved ‘sleepover’, as he calls it. Although we spent Saturday together visiting family and friends, it’s been just me and my two year old since then.

And it’s been lovely, actually.


Sonja and I did all kinds of things. We painted, we played, we walked, we took the neighbours’ kids to the park, we ate jelly-filled doughnuts, and we strolled through the mall and had pizza. We also tried on packed-up fall and winter clothing, shoes, and assorted items while making piles for charity and handmedowns. And I managed to clean the bathroom, mop the floors, and put laundry away while she napped. We even napped together once, snuggled in my bed in the middle of the day.


Sure she has her occasional issues. She’s two, in all its glory.

But it’s been nice.

Today, the sun came out after two gloomy days of overcast and endless drizzle. While de-touring through two parks after a trip to the library, we talked about having lunch on our back porch. Just as all the remaining clouds got blown away by a lovely, warm breeze, and the sun was illuminating my flowers and veggies growing in the gardens, she went down for a nap.

I had a cup of tea, a lovely piece of zucchini cake courtesy from my neighbour, and started reading the Happiness Project.

Really, it’s been ok. Not at all as taxing as I thought it would be.


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