Random thoughs

A new beginning is about to start. I sit here in lovely fall sunshine, the air show buzzing above my head, thinking about how this hot and steamy summer is about to come to an end. School is starting, people are back to work-mode, and slowly, but surely, the jackets and hiking shoes will replace the sandals and crocks.

I am not ready.


I am SO ready.

Been on a major cleaning/purging/organizing kick. I find myself getting really hyped by end results, only to slowly slip into a depressive and fatigued kind of state a few days later. A state that wants me to roll myself into a blanket, glass of wine (or cup of tea) in hand, and watch some chick flick on tv. But what with kids and harvest and gardening and cooking and purging and cleaning and preparing for inevitables I just can’t seem to get, or stay organized.

When I get moody like that, I go look at this:


store toys in coffee

Sometimes I’m inspired by this result on the kids’ shelf.

Sometimes it just makes me wish I had a tall latte in hand.

I sit and ponder, email and read blogs, and feel blah.


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