Wine for worms

Yesterday in the late afternoon, I poured myself a glass of white wine. It wasn’t chilled, so I added a couple of ice cubes to it.

I took a sip. It was lovely!

Then Benjamin came up to me and asked if we can finally go on that bike ride we’ve been talking about.

I looked at my wine, and then at the boy, and said:

Let’s go!

It was a lovely bike ride. Pretty far – we tried to ride the way to Sonja’s Montessori school, which normally we drive to, in order to time it. The plan is that once Benjamin finishes Kindergarten at 11:30, we could walk home together, get on the bikes (mine with the bike trailer attached), and ride out to her school and pick her up after her lunch. Then ride back…giving him (and me) a nice bit of exercise. Fall is a wonderful time for outdoor activity!

When I got back, supper was almost ready. Daddy and Sonja were working hard while Benjamin and I were absent.

I looked at my glass of wine, still sitting there on the counter, and took a sip.


It was still cold, but it was watery.

What should I do with it? Save it for cooking? Pour it down the drain?

We don’t waste wine here…so I made a decision.

I poured it into the compost.

Wonder if the worms are happy this morning, or dead.

PS My butt is sore. Note to self: buy a new bike seat.

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