Scheduling the kids requires sanity

That, and organizational skills.

Also multi-tasking skills.

And sleep. Adequate sleep. Oh, and a calendar would help. Along with an electronic version that sends reminders to your email account, or smart phone.

I have an email account with a lovely calendar in it. This is essential for me and my sanity.

Having said all this – we are doing O.K.


Because I am slightly anal and thrive when things are organized. Since emerging from my last week slump I am energetic and therefore on top of it.

Sort of.

Anyway, it appears that our calendar may *look* full, but it’s still doable. Mostly because the 5yo is only in half-day kindergarten. This gives him plenty of downtime at home to do the things children are supposed to do:

  • climb trees
  • build forts
  • go for bike rides
  • hang out at the beach
  • collect pebbles
  • garden with mom
  • play with neighbourhood kids
  • watch a movie
  • do crafts
  • or even just hang out

On Monday nights Benjamin has Beavers, which is the 5-7 age group of Scouts. On Wednesday evening he has soccer, which precedes with a walk across a lovely park to the community centre and ends with a lovely walk back through the park. On Saturday he goes through the same park, on foot, to the college for his music lesson, and back again. There is an apple orchard on the north side of the park, a lake with beaches on the south side, a bike trail, several fields, and a tiny creek in the middle. Lovely.

On Sunday morning both kids head to the indoor pool for swimming lessons, and that brings us back to Monday.

So far, all is well.


DH came home last week and said “I signed him up for hockey”.



Well, be that as it may, hockey isn’t something that can be avoided. We are Canadians, after all, and there’s a gene present in us. Most of us. Apparently.

The good news is that hockey is on Saturdays at noon, which does not conflict with music, AND, it’s at an outdoor rink, so the actual lessons don’t even begin until late November, by which time music will be done.

Like I said…so far so good.

By next year however, Benjamin will be in full-day school when he commences Grade 1, and we may no longer have a second car, which will require a whole new scheduling system, and hopefully less recreational activities. Plus the girl will be in half-day kindergarten which will mean a very short lunch hour pending whether the boy will come home for lunch, or not…

But I’m getting ahead of myself.



One thought on “Scheduling the kids requires sanity

  1. Oohh…. good luck with that when the time comes!

    (Until then, don’t go looking for trouble. Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out all by themselves. Hopefully, this will be one of those things!)

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