Cake for breakfast

Actually, my birthday was yesterday. But it ended up being a very hectic day, with school and activities and essential-can’t-wait-one-more-day-grocery shopping that really, it was just a blur.

Both kids were absolutely exhausted by the previous Thanksgiving activities, family activities and general being kids on a long weekend activities, and one complained of a headache while the other melted down leaving me, the birthday girl, a tad stressed. Plus it was soccer night and that meant spaghetti with meatballs at 5 pm instead of 6, and oh my god are there meatballs in the freezer…

Tad. Stressed.

Plus I was distracted. I was watching the incredibly compelling rescue mission of those 33 miners. Had the TV and the live online news blogs going to keep up on who was next and thankfully, each and every single one got out safe and sound.

It was an emotional day all around.

Which brings me to my cake. Homemade Haselnut Torte, from mom, for breakfast today, after the kids were dropped off, with a cup of hot and steamy coffee. THAT was just the thing I needed.

And so begins another year.


4 thoughts on “Cake for breakfast

  1. Happy birthday, Javamom! Oh, last year we shared a lovely meal together and this year you are so far away…

    Glad that you could enjoy your hazelnut torte with a steamy cup of java… even if it was a day later.

    Blessings to you this new year, my friend.

  2. You share the same birthday as another long-time close friend. Special people were born on that day!!

    Cafe for breakfast = mothering reward.

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