That’s what one of her aunties called her. Salon princess.

(She’s more like a tomboy, a little maniac if you ask me…)

Yes, I took her to the salon. My salon.

Let the record show that the first time I stepped into a salon to have something done (waxed eyebrows, be that as it may) I was in my 30s.

The first time I recall getting my hair cut at a haircutting place I was…um…in my 20s I think. We didn’t have much money and going to the salon for styling and facials and what have you was just not something we even considered spending money on back then.

My mom herself wasn’t much into this kind of thing so it’s not like she went and we didn’t.

NOW I have a 3 year old little girl. Her hair is blond (not like mine, I’m dark) and very fine (not like mine, I have thick, long hair down to the middle of my back). Her hair is also short and that’s still her original baby hair. I cut her bangs a few times only because the little cute clips wouldn’t stay in her hair and her bangs were bothering her. So I snipped a bit here and there.

Picture day at her Montessori daycare is in a couple of weeks. Her hair in the back was finally getting  a touch longer (but it’s still very short, not even touching her shoulders). But it looked…whispy. Messy.

Then one day, on the way home from someplace, she was half asleep in her stroller, wearing sun glasses. We passed my spa and my spa lady was sitting there not doing anything and I popped in and asked if she could spare 10 minutes to style my eyebrows. Yep, she had time, come on in!

We pushed Sonja into the little room and I had my treatment. I saw out of the corner of  my eyes Sonja’s hands twitching a little, but I didn’t see her eyes because of her sunglasses. I suspected she was awake and watching. But I wasn’t sure. She was uncharacteristically quiet.

It wasn’t until AFTER I was done she took off her sunglasses and had a look around.

Ever since that day she would ask me when she could “get a stick on her face”. So she watched my spa lady apply the wax to my eyebrows…

I replied that once her hair would grow longer, I would take her there to have a hair cut.

Even though I had no intentions of spending $20 plus on a toddler for a haircut that required 11 seconds of snipping off a minimal amount of hair.

Well big brother gets to go to the barber with daddy. And  Auntie B gets to take mommy to the spa for a birthday massage and manicure.

“When can I go to the spa?” she says.

“WHEN, mommy?”


So I took her to get a hair-cut-style thing. So sue me.

She was so funny. She was, um…quiet (not a word I use in the same sentence with this child). Very stoic (also…not her). Very interested in a very quiet, stoic way.

The end result is better, I have to admit. They said once her hair grows in a bit more she can maybe add some layers to give her more fullness.

I guess this means I’ll take her back to the spa?


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