Where’s the….milk?

How can we be out of milk? We are never out of milk. We probably have more milk in this house than Amy with her cows and goats

This morning, I finally get those two little rascals to sit at the table for breakfast, half an hour later than usual (and in MY defense, I was just as organized as I always was) and they both want cereal.

Fine by me. Cereal is easier than toast.

Except…there is less than one serving of milk left. LESS.

How is this possible on THIS morning? THIS morning is my going-to-work-at-other-end-of-city morning.

DH was no help. He has jury duty and some  medical ailment and was preoccupied with that. He had already had his breakfast (cereal, yay), and he had to get ready for court so I was in charge of the kids.

And the milk.

Note – everyone was breakfasted, brushed and brushed, dressed and strapped in, and no one was late. Including me. I had a great time photographing construction work.

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