And then she returned…

…my little schnookie.

The little chickiepoo who had been talking about going for a sleepover for WEEKS and was ready at 6:15 am with her Dora suitcase on Friday morning.

So I took her.

Sat down to have a coffee and chat with my parents. Only to be interrupted by her little whiny voice saying

Are you going nooooooowwwww????

So I left. In mid-coffee and mid-chat. Went shopping for the boy who seems to have grown out of all his clothes in the last couple of weeks.

Once I got home I called and the verdict was that she was fine for a couple of hours but then had a meltdown. She wanted me.

It was over as suddenly as it arrived with the announcement that she was now ready for her second lunch. More soup please.

She seemed to have slept ok too. Apparently she delayed the going-to-bed part until Mom finally asked her if she wanted to watch the Peanut’s special (Charlie Brown’s the great pumpkin or something). Her favorite! She watched it while rubbing her eyes…and then fell asleep without a peep.

I called home the next morning prior to rushing off to my photo shoot. It was 7:45 am and in MY house she would have been dressed and breakfasted by now.

“Oh, no, Sonja is still sleeping”, my Mom said.


When she did return she did nothing but cry, be whiny and clingy. She also spent most of the night in my bed; kept coming back. I figured she wanted reassurances and finally left her to snuggle with me.

During my second cup of coffee this morning she started hitting me, smacking me, calling me stupid, then dissolved into tears and wanted hugs and kisses.


I guess this truly IS the onset of puberty.

But tonight she’s going trick or treating and she’s had a nap so I’m anticipating that Things Are Looking Up.

to be continued…


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