Thoughts about work at home and food

One of the things I noticed since working this photography gig is that my metabolism has sped up.

I’m very aware of this because I used to be hypoglycemic, and if I got too much carbs/sugar into my system I would feel extremely tired to the point of wanting to sleep all the time. And never waking up refreshed. So I started paying attention to what I eat, when I eat, and how it affected me, and now I don’t even bother measuring my blood (like I used to, with a diabetic blood sugar measuring device).

True, my diet is much improved from my single days, which has been immensely helpful. All the post-pregnancy symptoms are gone too, what with nursing and adjusting and what have you. And although I still get lots of interruption while sleeping (toddler girl, insomnia, who the hell knows why else), I do feel mostly rested most days. Or, rested enough.

Juggling work from home and a family who is home as of lunchtime every day, is a challenge that’s evolved a bit. Before this job, I woke up with 11 things I had to think about and I would do them more or less as the day dictated. Now I wake up in the morning, and and HAVE to deal with the 11 immediate matters NOW or they won’t get done. Things like remembering it’s picture day at school, or to drop an extra pair of tights into Sonja’s bag in case of accidents, and to pick up stamps on the way home and do we have enough milk to last us through cranky time?

It’s a different ball game.

One that makes me hungry! (see above about the metabolism).

On tired days I feed this fatigue with a Halloween candy here, a cupcake there. Then I feel worse, because the refined sugar gives me a  temporary spike in energy and then a big slump that leaves me…irritable.

Taking time to cook and prep good meals and snacks has to fit into my priority list at the very top. Reaching for sugar is too easy, especially with Halloween-too-much-candy-in-the-house-November-cold-and-dark-gloomy-days-Christmas-coming-soon-with-sweets-and-cookies-Days.

Hearty soups are on the menu, with brown rice or quinoa or potatos and lots of veggies.

Quinoa salads, and beans, on top of fresh spinach salads.

Eggs. Eggs are good for you if you get good quality eggs with bright yellow yolks.

Baked beans. Ok, I put bacon and maple syrup in mine, but I don’t eat a heaping plate full of those. A couple of spoonfuls alongside a sunny-side-up egg with some whole wheat toast and I’m good to go till lunch! (I bake the beans in the crockpot and store them in the fridge).

Peanut butter. Cheese (in small doses).

All those items are high energy, and I don’t give two hoots about their calorie content. Why? Because I need calories to keep my energy levels up. It’s the KIND of calories I’m consuming.

Calories from REAL, WHOLE food.

On that note, off to steal a head of cabbage from my neighbour’s front yard to add to my lentil soup I’m about to make!


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