No one ever mentioned THIS about parenting

Honestly. You got a kid in a daycare or school system and you are suddenly promoted to President of the Birthday Parties.

Oh I’m not talking about your own kid’s birthday. I’m talking about the endless invitations to OTHER kids’ parties!

On the one hand, it’s nice to know my child has a wide variety of friends and is invited to their parties.

On the other hand…I need a separate calendar.  Not to mention another bank account.

How to deal with all these parties? Well, one thing that has helped me is to actually take advantage of the fundraising events that occur in the school systems. Here, Scholastic Books regularly sends home catalogues and if I see a book or item that I feel my child would enjoy, I sometimes order two or more, to have on hand for, well, upcoming birthday parties.

My 5yo has been to two parties already since school started, has one coming up tomorrow, one the following week, and another one pending to late November.

But never mind the gift giving thing. I can handle that, with a little bit of planning. What I find more irritating is my endless searches for wrapping paper, birthday cards, and accessories such as ribbon.

More importantly, the endless questions from various family members as to where I keep this stuff is really starting to get on my nerves. How the hell would I know where the stuff is? I’m not the one constantly attending birthday parties…

But really, where DO we keep this stuff? Do we even HAVE this stuff in the house? Or is it all used up? Didn’t I just wrap someone’s gift the other day? Wasn’t there any paper left?

Today I made a decision.

I’m sending DH to Canadian Tire today to pick up another one of these:

Canadian Tire storage tower

They’re 40% off this week. These things are so ugly but SOOOO handy, I actually already have several. I use two of them just for Lego! Another one has the children’s socks and underwear in it, but is hidden away in a closet with a door, and fourth one is inside the furnace closet in which I have various household items stored, such as light bulbs, and vacuum bags. Very handy that the thing is clear plastic, and on wheels!

So anyway, going back to my wrapping paper dilemma, I am planning on using the new storage tower for that. Perhaps in the top drawer I”ll place the tape and scissors, in the next one ribbons. One drawer could be cards…another the paper.

Last dilemma will be where to place this thing. Probably in the basement. Maybe even in the furnace closet…

With Christmas coming, I can’t think of a better solution to keep all that present wrapping stuff together in one place.


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