Don’t sweat the small stuff

Tonight is soccer night. Soccer night means spaghetti with meatballs. I have no meatballs in the house but I have ground beef, so I can either make meatballs, or simply make a meat sauce.

Should I make a meat sauce?

Simple questions with complicated answers. Because meatballs are the highlight of the kids’ plates on soccer night and if I don’t have them they will protest.


But making meatballs during my kid-free work hours takes up valuable time, and making meatballs while the kids are in the house inevitably ends up with one or both requiring assistance in the bathroom routine so…make a meat sauce in the crockpot and be done with it.

Either that or head down to Meaty Meats after the Montessori pickup and buy Nonna’s fine meatballs.


* * *

Yesterday afternoon Benjamin invited me to play dominos with him. We played and played, and I won almost all the games! I’m on a lucky streak.

In the evening after supper he wanted to play chess with daddy. He had it all set up while daddy put Sonja to bed (he does a better job than I do on that part) and as he was about to sit down with Ben to play, I said (being the mean wife and all):

“But what about my burner?”

I had been trying, in vain, all morning, to burn some of my photos and footage for work onto DVDs so I can free up some space on my hard drives for the next project. It wouldn’t work.

He gave me a look.

I said “look, it’s my work, I get paid for it, I can’t figure it out, would you just look at it for me so I can progress tomorrow, I’ll play with Ben”.

I mean, it’s just one of those things…he’s better at the hardware and software stuff, I’m better at the using the application stuff.

Since I don’t play chess myself, I played dominos with Ben again (and won, again! ha!).

After a while, I checked on DH and he was doing something. He wasn’t happy, his back was sore, he wanted to get his exercises done, but he was doing it…

So I went back upstairs and introduced Ben to playing solitaire, a new game to him. And he caught on quickly! We played about 5 games till I noticed it was almost 9 pm…


* * *

This morning DH wanted to leave extra early to get an extra hour of practice done in the simulator. His back was sore…and it’s partly my fault.

Sonja woke up with sobbing and crying, her tummy hurts. Last week she threw up…are we due another day of puke? Please – not.

I made her a warm bunny and she sort of fell back asleep.

Let’s hope it’s just a thing and she can go to school today…I really want to play with my burner.

But if not…oh well. C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

* * *


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