Cake is what the doctor ordered

It’s not my fault that the Portuguese Bakery is right next to the Drug Store which is right down the street from the Doctor’s Office.

She couldn’t understand why the doctor didn’t make her feel any better or do a proper examination with swabs and looking in the ears and throat and taking temperatures and all that.

He spent a lot of time examining her eyes which is where the problem was visible, but try to tell THAT to a 3 year old.

Anyway, he gives us a prescription for some ointment, and she couldn’t understand how that little piece of paper will make her feel better.

So we bought some cake. Came home and made some tea. And had some cake and tea.

She’ll be home with me for the rest of the week so as to not infect her little friends at school.


One thought on “Cake is what the doctor ordered

  1. I just got out of a day long (very boring) study training session. Read this little “gem” and started to laugh out loud!!! I hope Sonja feels better soon and I hope her confidence in the medical system is restored soon!!! LOL!

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