Early lunch

My eating habits have shifted. This is all Sonja’s fault. I’m not the one to encourage breakfast at 6, lunch at 11 and supper at 5. I prefer breakfast at 8, lunch at 1 and supper at 6 or so.

It just turned 11 and I’m finishing up leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night. Theoretically I was hungry enough for lunch at 10, but luckily we were down at the lake then.

Why does she have to get up at 5? Why won’t she go back to bed at 5? I can barely keep her in bed till 6…

Right now she’s having apple slices and warm milk on the couch in front of a show. Apparently she’s tired because she’s been so busy today.

I tried to explain to her that we don’t have to do all the activities right away after we get up. That we can take our time, and take breaks between activties.

She just gives me a blank stare and continued her endless chatter.


But such is life with an early riser. An early endless-chatty-three-year-old-girl riser.


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