Ice-less hockey

Seriously. The weather is so very un-Canadian these days. Sunny and warmish. And also mostly dry.

It’s the end of November. Christmas decorations are everywhere. Kids are practicing for their Christmas concerts. People are shopping for Christmas presents.

The mittens, gloves, hats and snowsuits are packed back into the bins.  They were taking up space and interfering with the hoodies, rain jackets and running shoes.


Normally we Canadians don’t complain about the lack of cold weather. And we love sunshine! I personally have never met a sunnier November than we have had this year. It’s been absolutely beautiful.


Benjamin’s first hockey practice was supposed to happen last week. Only the outdoor rink has no ice.

So he picked up his jersey and socks anyway, then came home and donned his entire gear so he could play ‘driveway hockey’.

They’re pouring the water into the outdoor rinks all over the city. Only it’s so warm out today that the kids took their bikes out from the very back of the garage.

Regardless, I’m going to be a hockey mom. Even though I’m next to clueless about hockey.  This topic is going to preoccupy me for some time, I can tell already. But driveway hockey, or road hockey as the older kids call it, is a Canadian past time. Especially in warm and dry weather!


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