The butt belongs on the wooden stick

I picked up the black hockey stick, looked at the end of it, and said:

Benjamin. This hockey stick already has a butt.

My 5 year old littlest hockey player said:

Mommy. This stick is made out of plastic. We do not use plastic hockey sticks on the ice. Only wood sticks go on the ice.

Ah. Learned something else in my hockey-mom adventures.

I asked him if he had a wooden hockey stick and he said yes. He brings it, and I look at it. There is white cloth tape wrapped around the top part of the stick.

I said:

I guess this is where the rubber butt goes.

His response:

Mommy. You have to remove the tape first so you can fit the butt on.

I think they’re born this way, those Canadian boys. Born with inbred knowledge of all things hockey.


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