Not so jolly

The good news is that I finally have a light-weight, warm winter jacket which doesn’t make me feel like a bundled-up toddler. It’s a WindRiver brand and it’s ice-blue in colour and it’s very comfortable and warm and water resistant and I wore it today in our very unwinterish downpour.

The other good news is I am now finally the proud owner of microfibre long johns. They are very lightweight, they keep you dry, and they keep you warm. Perfect for those days at the hockey rink (or on the ice, as it were, skating around with the wee ones).

I also bought a herby-green fleece jacket with a hood that happened to be on the clearance rack.

Now I’m done.

I spent my birthday money.

The final good news is that we are officially brand-spankin-new Minivan Drivers.

We are the new owners of a pre-owned, light blue coloured Honda Odessey.

Well, actually, the final purchase is pending on the inspection by our own mechanic. If all goes well we’ll be driving the minivan before the week is over.

The rest of the news is…crappy. For a variety of reasons I do not feel like listing.

And there is no wine in the house.

Nor any money left to buy it with.

I am in an anti-jolly mood.


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