How to de-stress your life in 11 minutes

Stress? What stress?

I have decided to let the stress roll off me.

Only problem is I didn’t know how to do that.

Then, I saw a bit of sunshine peek out between the overcast clouds, and it was almost time to go get Benjamin from Kindergarten, so I thought…I’ll walk.

I wasn’t planning on walking because of the stress. I have so much on my plate, that extra 15 minutes at home would have been better spent dealing with all of the stress-causing activities. It takes 3 minutes to drive to the school, and about 11 to walk there.

But there was this little bit of sunshine. It was calling me…so I walked.

You know what? I got home with my little Kindergartener happily chattering away next to me, and I felt less stressed.

So let this be a lesson. Walking, even just for 11 minutes there and 15 minutes back (because walking with a preschooler takes a tad longer) helps to reduce stress.

I recommend it.  Here’s how you do it:

  • Walk to the store to pick up stamps or milk.
  • Walk to the bottom of the street to look at the Christmas lights someone wrapped along a tree.
  • Walk to the library and drop off a book, or pick one up.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Or a hyperactive child.

Just take those few steps around the block at the exact moment when you would rather conk out in front of the internet or the tv. Put on a jacket, some boots and a hat, and go.

Trust me. You will thank me.

Because it works.

* * *

The stress in my life is actually more stressful than anything perceived or Christmas related. We are dealing with some very serious issues at DH’s work (there was a fatal accident), the purchase of a new vehicle to replace an aging one, a delay in payment of a paycheck, and an enormous amount of grief from a financial institution who cannot get it together.

I decided that all Christmas related activities that involve making my house more, not less, messy, will wait until I feel up for it more. This includes decorating, cookie baking, getting a tree or planning food and activities.

Because those are things that should be enjoyable, especially with small children about, and it is not possible to enjoy activities that make me feel more, not less, stressed.

Mess makes me stressed.

Christmas almost always adds mess…

I’d rather take those few steps down the street and de-stress.


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