More mishaps and some random thoughts

Today my mop broke.

The same mop that I touch maybe twice a year. Because that is how often I get around to mopping around here.

I do have a Swiffer. Which is GREAT and all. But there comes a time when the grime needs good old fashioned suds and hot water.

So I did what any mentally challenged parent of two maniacs would do: I cut the sponge in half, and scrubbed the floor by hand.

Well half the floor…

* * *

I was at a store today where they have mops. I did not know at the time that my mop would fail me later. I would have purchased a new mop, or at the very least, a new insert sponge thingy. And I would be done mopping by now.

* * *

I wasn’t planning on being at stores at all today. But DH tried to get the Used Vehicle Package from some automated kiosk last night and it wouldn’t let him and today he had to go to work so I offered to do it at their local counter. After I drop off the second kid. And it was fine – no line-up, and I had time to pick up a couple of odds and ends afterwards. Like dishwasher liquid. And parchment paper (for all those cookies I have been planning on baking and haven’t had time).

Now if we can just sell that third car quickly, that would be one thing less to worry about.

* * *

5 year old said this morning at 7 am:

This is the worst day of my life!

Why? What could possibly be so bad for a 5 year old kid who gets to open Xmas presents early (thanks to far-away friends who drop by), eat homemade cookies (thanks same friend!), open an advent calendar present every other day (sharing with sister), eating chocolate (too much of that stuff around), and attending innumerable fun events both at school and outside of school almost every day?

AND gets to go out with daddy at nighttime to pick up a Xmas tree?

Instead of coming home to a shower and bed.

The answer was this (please read while imagining whiny high-pitched voice):

I always have to do ALL THIS WORK when I’m tired!!!

Work? He has work? All he has to do is get dressed. Fold his pjs. Put his indoor shoes in his backpack. Eat breakfast that someone else prepared for him. Brush hair and teeth. And get snowsuit and  jacket and boots and hat and mittens on.

I even gave him the option to stay home and go back to bed, on the condition that all evening activities (Beavers, soccer, sing and skate, errands with daddy) are officially canceled. If he can’t handle simple tasks in the morning, then he’s obviously not getting an early enough bedtime.

He didn’t have much to add to that. And went to school without much else to complain about.

Which reminds me, it’s time to go get him already…floor will have to stay half-dirty for another little while.

* * *

Blogging is important too.

bah humbug




One thought on “More mishaps and some random thoughts

  1. Blogging is SUPREMELY important and I passionately miss doing mine. I have made an early New Years resolution to blog more often.

    Thanks for continuing to blog and brighten my day.

    Your Down Under Pal.

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