There was a new hair dryer in this present.

I got to open it early because my old hair dryer broke, and the backup was too weak to dry my hair.

I mentioned this to my mom. Told her that the little backup hair dryer was good enough for Sonja and DH who have fine hair, but for my little Bensky and myself, with the thicker, longer hair, we need a dryer with a bit more power.

Lately my wet-ish hair froze whenever I stepped outside. Even a warm hat didn’t help to keep my hair from freezing.

So mom brought me a new one, wrapped in a present. How nice is that?

* * *

There was snow in the forecast. We were so excited….snow! Finally! Everywhere around us there is so much snow people don’t know what to do with it anymore. There is no place left to shovel it to.

Here? In our big metropolitan city next to a big lake? No snow. Those few flakes that fell melted immediately.

This is not good. My kids NEED to be outside, and snow would be helpful to keep them stimulated.

The only good thing so far has been the cold. The cold is keeping the outdoor ice rinks frozen, so at least hockey, and skating, hasn’t been canceled.

This is Canada for crying out loud. Gimme some snow!


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