Soaking wet

Did you know that growing up is not a linear activity?

Meaning that when a so-called toddler transitions into a preschooler, the movement there is not linear.

Meaning that setbacks happen occasionally.

Which is fine. In principle. Regression is part of growing up.

But sometimes the setbacks happen when eleventy other distractions abound, and it’s finally snowing, and the peanut-butter-cookie-dough is chilling in the fridge, and supper is cooking in the crock, and the lovely white snowflakes are beckoning, yet for some reason unknown even to the toddler preschooler, she picks that time to pee in her pants.

Excuse me. She said she peed in her pants.

My nose was telling me otherwise.

Added bonus? She was covered in snow, and in a one-piece snowsuit, soaking wet on the outside and soaking wet and sticky on the inside.

Not having a grand day today.

At least it’s still snowing…for this family, snow is a happy thing these days.


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