Christmas owl cookies

I’ve come clean about my testy relationship with yeast before. Although over time, and trying the same recipe repeatedly, I manage to win the battle with the yeast these days. My rolls do turn out pretty good.

The trick is not to bake regularly. He.

So now we’re into the Christmas season and as every child knows, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christmas cookies.

My mom makes the same Swiss cookies every year. And I love them all…but sometimes I want something different.

I have this Swiss recipe book with different cookies I long to taste, which means I must bake them first. Like lemon-almond half-moons and espresso-chocolate rounds. I thought they would be a nice addition to a host gift when we visit family and friends.

I embarked with the best intentions, calculated and converted the German recipe to English, and baked the cookies as per the recipe’s instructions.

Some turned out…mediocre.

So I reach for a Canadian Living cookbook and pick out the peanut butter cookie recipe to make with the kids, and my dough turns out….crumbly. Dry. I improvise and mix and add and subtract ingredients and still…I don’t know. The dough doesn’t look right.

The 3 year old wants to make owl cookies with her new cookie cutter. Fine. I let her use the now not so crumbly peanut butter and chocolate mixture.

Not sure what they taste like though – I’m afraid to try them. But they do look very cute!

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try again. If I feel like it.


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